Lighting your outdoor space is not just about practicality, it’s also important to make sure that you have something you and your guests love.

It can seem overwhelming to choose the best outdoor lighting for you space with so many options. There are many options, from energy-efficient LED lighting to low voltage lighting and everything in between.

You can narrow down your search by researching the latest trends in outdoor lighting. This will provide you with many ideas and spark your creativity. Check out these trends for 2022 to get an edge over the rest.

Landscape lighting with low-voltage

An energy-efficient light is one of the most popular trends for the year. Low-voltage landscape lighting can be a great choice as it uses far less electricity than traditional lights but still provides the brightness you need.

These lights are more efficient and safer than traditional lighting. Low-voltage LED lights can be placed around your garden, home, or pool to give it a modern, yet practical, look.

To guide you, use path lights

Lighting that leads to the front door of many homes is common, but lighting for paths to gardens or pool areas has been growing in popularity.

Path lights, whether solar-powered or standard, will allow family and friends to easily roam the yard after the sun sets.

You can choose the level of brightness you want for your path lights so that they don’t interfere with your enjoyment on your patio or deck. You can install them in your walkway to create a safe, secure path that doesn’t let light into your yard.

Outdoor wall lighting that has a timeless feel

Many people are looking for a way to turn the clock on wall lighting. Glass lanterns are a rising trend.

These lanterns have a vintage look, but they also fit in with modern homes and outdoor amenities. Imagine an antique lantern holding a candle but with modern touches.

You can choose from a variety of styles, and you can customize the fixtures to meet your needs.

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